Thank you for your interest in becoming a sponsor of the Historic Hampton House.
Whether in-kind or monetary, these are just a few ways that you or your organization can help to support through kindness and ones humanity, as you aid the
Hampton House with your generosity. We look forward to your partnership.


For further details on how to become a sponsor, please contact us:

Info@historichamptonhouse.org or 305-638-5800

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Become acquainted with our loyal partners. The HISTORIC HAMPTON HOUSE and its operation continue to exist thanks to their financial and material contributions.

A win-win situation: what do sponsors receive?

Investing money in culture results in boosted prestige and image. Your company can use art and culture in its marketing strategy.

Sponsoring a museum means that your enterprise profiles itself as a ‘good citizen’. You provide every visitor with lasting proof of your commitment. You also get a prestigious calling card for your enterprise.

Moreover, we offer you something concrete in return. For every sponsor package you get ‘exposure’ and ‘hospitality’ returns: striking visibility, participation in important network events for you and your customers, free access to the museum and events, use of the modern infrastructure for your exclusive corporate events.

You will receive high scores for ‘brand awareness’, ‘b2b networking’ and ‘incentives’. You can also check off ‘entertaining’, ‘new audience’ and ‘CSR’.

What is sponsored?

You can become a sponsor via diverse formulas and on different levels: from project-based sponsoring or structural partnerships to ‘in kind’ contributions.

Contributions via a sponsor package for short-term, project-based partnerships are used for an important restoration, a purchase, for programming research or an exhibition presentation.

You prefer a long-term plan? Then you can become a corporate partner on a structural basis, spread over several years. This way you will support a certain aspect of the museum’s operation.

How does one become a sponsor?

Contact us:


We are open to your wishes and will create a customised sponsorship formula. Every sponsorship is important to us – no matter the size. We are truly gratefully to every sponsor!